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Illinois Online Sportsbooks Bonuses Review

Lovers of physical sportsbooks can enjoy placing online bets in Illinois. The state of Illinois currently has several online bookmakers where users can register and immediately begin to place bets. However, you’ll want to consider one of the primary factors before selecting your ideal sportsbook are the bonuses available.

While keeping track of your favorite teams and placing bets at a great sportsbook is a fantastic experience, bonuses make it even more improved. Besides identifying ideal odds and making calculated bets, bookmaker bonuses are suitable for increasing your winnings. This is how Illinois bookmakers set themselves apart. 

The primary aim of this review is to help you identify top online sportsbooks with welcome bonuses across Illinois. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular online gamer or a newbie; this sportsbook review will offer you all you need to know about IL best betting bonus offers.  You will also learn other information that will help you place the next wager confidently.

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Types of Illinois Betting Bonuses

Match Rate Bonus

Types of Illinois Betting Bonuses

Illinois match bonuses offer the player their first wager amount, whether they win or not. This offer is similar to a risk-free bonus. However, your account will be credited with your first bet amount, whether you win or not. 

Free Bets and Risk-Free Bets

Free bet primarily refers to funds which a bookmarker credits into your online gaming account for placing bets. With this bonus type, you can place bets and cash out your winnings without undertaking any risk. Risk-free bets are similar to free bets too.

With a risk free bet, you place bets with your money at no risks. If your wagers result in a win, you keep all your winnings. However, if this results in a loss, the sportsbook will credit your account with a bonus equivalent to the amount you first placed.

No-Deposit Bonuses

While it sounds similar to the risk-free and no risk bets, no-deposit bonuses do not require a deposit to access it. The no-deposit bonus isn’t usually too mouth-watering. You’ll find them just enough to entice you but not overly so. 

Reload Bonuses

Illinois Betting Bonuses

Some sports gambling sites offer the reload bonuses as a reward for customer loyalty. Sportsbooks offer Reload bonuses to players who have made previous deposits into their sportsbook accounts. As a player, the amount of reload bonus you can enjoy is tied to the frequency and weight of your deposits. Therefore, players with more ‘reloads’ receive a bigger reload bonus. 

Refer-a-Friend Programs

The refer-a-friend program is exactly what the name implies. As a regular or new player on the gaming site, you can invite friends and receive rewards when they create accounts. Sportsbooks typically use these programs to increase their popularity, and players can also seize the opportunity to make more money.

How to Claim Betting Bonuses in Illinois?

Illinois bonus offers usually come with certain requirements which players have to match. This implies that you have to carefully check every bonus offer’s wagering requirements to ascertain that they’re attainable before creating an account with the sportsbook. These requirements may include matching minimum bet amounts, or cashable offers.

Illinois Sportsbooks With Betting Bonus Codes

Illinois has several sportsbooks where lovers of online sports gambling can place bets and enjoy Here are some of the most popular online sportsbooks with welcome bonus, and welcome bonus codes. Illinois is the hub of the most amazing offers.


Betting Bonus

Bonus Codes

William Hill

Up to 500 Free Bet



$1000 Risk Free Bet



100% Match Up to $100



100% Match Up to $250



Risk-free Bet Up to $1000

No code required


Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting Bonuses


  • These bonuses offer players an enhanced gaming experience.  Rewards are advantages; there’s more to wager with and more to win. IL’s best bonus offers is what transforms the ordinary gambling experience to something to anticipate.
  • Bonuses are promotional offers that markets and boosts the popularity of a Sportsbook. They entice new players and incentivize the regulars. For example, an Illinois sportsbook welcome bonus 2021 can be mouthwatering enough to entice new players looking for better offers.
  • There’s a massive variety of bonuses and players can choose the ones they prefer. If you search for “Illinois betting bonus 2020”, there are welcome bonuses for new signups, as well as other promotional offers to reward customer loyalty. People can trust Illinois bonuses. 


  • Some sportsbooks have stringent wagering requirements, which are usually almost unattainable. They entice new players with juicy but non-realistic offers.
  • Most bonuses are time-bound. If you find yourself unable to meet up with time, that may imply that you’ve forfeited the bonus.


You can finally wager on your favorite games and teams with IL biggest betting bonuses and sportsbooks. The online gambling sites offer a variety of bonuses that make your wagering experience even more exciting. However, players have to be able to select their ideal sportsbook with realistic bonuses. Irrespective of your location in the state, you can have even more fun than players who have to visit a physical location.

There are many bonuses to enjoy in Illinois today. You can sign up with an online gambling site and begin to enjoy them right away.


Why do sportsbooks offer bonuses?

Sportsbooks offer wagering bonuses as an incentive to regular players and as a way to attract newer players and enhance their popularity.

Can I withdraw my betting bonus in Illinois?

Yes. You can withdraw your bonus in Illinois. However, this depends on the type of bonus you’ve been offered. 

How to claim a welcome bonus in Illinois?

As a new player, claim your welcome bonus by creating an account and making your first deposit. At online sportsbooks, welcome bonuses also have wagering requirements which every player must meet to claim them.

How old should I have to be to have the right to bet in Illinois?

Typically, Illinois sportsbooks and online casinos’ minimum age requirement is 21 years old.

Best Online Sportsbooks With Bonuses in Illinois

PointsBet Sportsbook
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FanDuel Sportsbook
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