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Illinois Yahoo DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

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Yahoo Daily Fantasy has been around as far back as 2015. Edging on five years in the market, Yahoo DFS betting in Illinois is around to satisfy the gamblers uniquely. Punters love the daily fantasy sports betting in Illinois because it gives them a different taste of betting, and it does that in a fun way. There is a tendency that you have never heard of before. In this Yahoo Daily Fantasy Sports review in Illinois, we will be shedding more light as to why you should partake in it. Perhaps, you already play Yahoo DFS before, this article would show you how you can make the most of it.

How Do You Play On Yahoo DFS Sites in IL

Beginners might find it difficult to comprehend the DFS scoring system. Note that the reward system might vary a little between Illinois online sportsbooks for DFS bets. Different sports have their grading systems too. You must know the framework behind it to understand. Depending on the sports, because it is fantasy, you will get points on a different basis. Points vary as they come in goals, assists, wins, blocked shots, shots on goal, rebound, and chances created. You can also lose points if you have the negative through goals-against and turnover. If you want to know how many points you get for each, each DFS betting site has its own guide.

Yahoo Fantasy Promos And Bonuses

For new sign-ups, you will get a 200% Yahoo DFS deposit bonus. This one of the biggest bonuses in the betting universe. Such an offer is barely matched anywhere else and requires no promo codes Yahoo DFS. The maximum initial deposit is $2000, meaning that the maximum bonus you can get is $4000. The bonus is a large amount, so it is paid out in increments.

Loyalty Programs and Special Offers In Yahoo DFS

Generally, betting sites use special offers and loyalty programs to appreciate existing customers so that they don’t feel left out with the bonuses. Yahoo DFS offers 5000 reward points to bettors. It is worth $25. To claim this offer, make use of the IL Yahoo DFS promo code: ‘rg25’. Over time, we have seen loyalty programs and special offers come and go in Yahoo DFS. It is subject to change as the company keeps refining the offers for their customers.

Yahoo DFS Betting Online

Types Of Sports Challenges In Yahoo DFS

Fantasy differs from normal betting, so not every sport is available. The yahoo sports challenges that you will be able to partake in are:

  • NFL: Everyone in Illinois should be familiar with the NFL: it is one of the most popular in the states. There are numerous contests under the sport, so if you are a fan of the normal NFL, you should also try out the fantasy.
  • NBA: Basketball is one sport that residents of Illinois attest to its fun and excitement. Playing NBA challenges on Yahoo DFS would double the fun and excitement for you.
  • MLB: Baseball fans are also not excluded from the fantasy. It covers the biggest baseball league in Illinois. If you normally bet on the MLB, fantasy would not seem so strange to you.
  • NHL: Hockey is naturally an interesting sport that leaves the atmosphere tense, especially in Illinois. Playing Yahoo DFS would boost your chances of more wins.
  • Golf: Golf, a relaxed and cool sport. The fantasy does not differ in any way; if you love the normal golfing atmosphere, then you should check out the fantasy variant.
  • Soccer: Soccer is a sport that everyone reckons with, including Illinois. The fantasy for soccer takes it to the next level and would meet your expectations.

Contest Types for Yahoo DFS Betting

You may seem confused when you want to play because you will have to make contest choices. For you not to remain confused, we will be going through the four possible choices that you could make:

  • Guaranteed To Win: This is everyone’s favorite; the name itself is enticing. This challenge gives you the prize pools that you will love. Whether the fantasy match fills or it doesn’t, Guaranteed to win still gives the prize pool. Note that anything outside of this challenge is the opposite, meaning it is not guaranteed to win.
  • 50/50’s: 50/50’s are straightforward. When you want to play this contest, you have to join in quite early. This is because it is dependent on the first 50% of contest entries. If you are within the first 50% of entries while playing the 50/50’s, you will get the chance to win double the contest entry fee.
  • Head to Head: Head to Head is more challenging, and the suspense makes it quite fun. In this challenge, you are not contesting against several other entries. As the name implies, it is a one on one challenge with an opponent. The interesting thing is that the winner takes all.
  • Leagues: This should be easier to understand. In this challenge, you can create new leagues on either a daily or weekly basis. There is usually a large prize for the league winner, so the aim is to come on top of the league.

Yahoo Daily Fantasy App

Yahoo Daily Fantasy App & Mobile Platforms

If your forte is mobile platforms, you have no worries. There is a Yahoo Fantasy Sports app for mobile devices. It is compatible with both Android and IOS. At first, the company did not provide a mobile application for Android users; only IOS users had a mobile application. Soon enough, the company was prompt to respond with the same for Android users. The IL Yahoo DFS app is well optimized and very easy to navigate. It would be best if you gave it a try.

Yahoo DFS Banking Services

One major downside to banking with Yahoo DFS is that there is only one payment method available, which is PayPal. It is mandatory to use PayPal for both withdrawal and deposits. However, bettors in Illinois love PayPal, so they have no issues using it to carry out all their transactions since it guarantees their safety with quick transactions. We also remain open and hope to see more in the future.

Customer Support For Yahoo DFS

Customer support for Yahoo DFS in Illinois is awesome. Before you consider reaching out to customer support, there is a community where you see the most asked question. You are most likely going to find your answer there. In addition to that, Yahoo DFS has live 24/7 customer support to cater to your questions. Reach out anytime and you will get a response.

Latest News On Yahoo DFS

A lot has been going on in the fantasy world lately. We have seen major changes year in year out. Overall, everything is going great so far. Wayne Gallman Jr. has been proposed to be what The Giants’ need in their backfield. Everyone suggests that they give him the ball more often, and we hope to see how that pans out. Gradually, we also see draft releases on each sport.


Overall, we think we love the innovation of the Yahoo Fantasy for bettors. When the company came to life in 2015, many of those in Illinois felt it would be something unsatisfying. Yahoo DFS was able to surpass their expectations. The evolution of fantasy betting is increasing in the industry. It puts you under less pressure and, at the same time, guarantees you fun and excitement with higher returns. We advise that you give it a try in Illinois; you will never regret it.

We hope that information from this article was helpful but, if you still have any doubts, do not hesitate to check other reviews that we prepared for you. There are a lot of options on the sportsbooks market in the US (IL), and you can be sure that we choose only the best ones for you:


Is Yahoo DFS legal in Illinois?

Yes, Yahoo DFS is legal in Illinois. Bettors are free to play it online without any restriction so that you can visit Yahoo DFS directly in Illinois. We advise that you also research and try out the top DFS betting sites in IL.

How to choose the contest on Yahoo DFS in Illinois?

There are four contest types to choose from: Guaranteed to Win, 50/50s, Head to Head and Leagues. Each of them come with their different perks. You will be able to choose your contest type directly on the Yahoo DFS page.

Is there an Android app for Yahoo DFS site?

Yes, there is an Android app for the Yahoo DFS site. At first, the company only published the IOS app. They later made the Yahoo DFS Android app, and it is awesome.

How to check odds on Yahoo DFS?

To check the Illinois Yahoo DFS odds, you will have to go directly to their site. When you click on the contest, you will see all info relating to the contest, including the odds.

Can I bet on Yahoo DFS if I am 18 in Illinois?

Yes, you can bet on Yahoo DFS in Illinois if you are 18. The legal age for gambling in Illinois is 18 years. Anything below that age is deemed as illegal gambling.

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