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Illinois FantasyDraft DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

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Playing Daily Fantasy Sports in the United States has been a major concern for bettors in different states. Many states, including Illinois, find themselves in the grey area for legalization and licensing of DFS. Impressively, there are several options for bettors in the state of Illinois.

One of the important sites for DFS in the state is FantasyDraft. As a site for DFS, they started operations in 2014. Over time, they have developed to be one of the biggest sites offering DFS. Illinois is one of the US states that have passed the DFS legislation; hence FantasyDraft is legal for its operation. Thankfully, the site is also trusted by users in the state. In this IL Fantasy Draft review, you will discover more about this platform.

Process of Playing on DFS sites Like FantasyDraft in Illinois

The steps to play on DFS sites like FantasyDraft in Illinois are easy, as you will see in this Illinois FantasyDraft online review. However, it may appear relatively difficult for new players to understand terms like IL FantasyDraft odds and more. Besides, all bettors should be 18 years or older. One of the essential things in playing on the site is drafting a team. Aside from drafting a team, winning is also very crucial. Without an appropriate draft, it’s impossible to win.

Additionally, there is a full Content list for FantasyDraft betting in IL that needs to be picked. With the help of filtering tools, players can pick the right contest. Regarding scoring, there are different aspects of scoring on DFS sites like FantasyDraft. Please note that there are two different major categories for the game – Offense and Defense for NFL scoring. In Offense, the negative yardage affects the player’s score.  In defense, all points scored while the DFS is on the field will count as Points Allowed.

There are different rules regarding scoring for different games, including PGA scoring, NHL scoring, and MLB scoring. Please note that in a game, the scoring may be revised or changed. However, LLC, STATS, and third-party stats providers typically update the score in real-time. Sometimes, it is updated when the final box scores are posted. The settlement and payment are initiated when the content is finalized. Contest winners will be revised and the prize awards if the scoring changes are based on an error in LLC or STATS data.

FantasyDraft Bonuses and Promotions in Illinois

Impressively, there are different player rewards in FantasyDraft. These rewards are available to all players on the site since you may not find a FantasyDraft promo code. However, please note that the requirements to earn them must be fulfilled. Players have a chance to win a free $4 contest entry upon an initial deposit. There are no specific promo codes FantasyDraft in Illinois utilizes.

The first FantasyDraft bonus offer for new customers may vary depending on the referral source. For this site, the bonus is released at a rate of 4% for every $1 of contest entry fees paid with cash, excluding contests entered using a ticket won from the site. For the first-time depositors, each one is assigned a specific referral link upon account creation. These users win 10% Rake-Back on the real-money contest play of all referrals previously registered on the site with that specific link.

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FantasyDraft Available Sports Challenges in Illinois

Using FantasyDraft in Illinois is similar to utilizing other top IL DFS betting sites. Several sports are available on the online sportsbook for DFS bets in IL. These options allow the player to explore the different sports on the site. Here are some of the major sports challenges available on FantasyDraft in Illinois:

National Football League (NFL)

In the meantime, FantasyDraft offers NFL football, exempting NCAA for a later date. Players get a salary cap of $100,000 that is used to draft a nine-player team. Please note that NFL players to be drafted should be eligible to play in the given week. The fantasy football team consists of 1 Quarterback, 2 Running Backs, 2 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight end, 1 Flex, and 1 Defense.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

After creating a team, the site gives a $100,000 salary cap. With the money, users can get around ten MLB players, as long as they are eligible to play on the appropriate night that was picked. For FantasyDraft, the ten-man roster includes 2 Pitchers, 3 Infielders, 3 Outfielders, and 2 Utility players. Passed balls, errors, double plays don’t affect scoring in this game.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

As the general manager, the player in a position to spend $100,000. With this sum of money, the users can pick eight different players from the NBA from a minimum of three different teams. The NBA team includes three Forward/Center players, three Guards, and two Flex players.

Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA)

Unlike many of its competitors, the site offers golf as one of its significant sports. With $100,000, the player can pick between seven different golfers from the PGA tour. Scoring is divided into three categories, which are Tournament Finish, Streaks and Bonuses, and Per Hole.

National Hockey League (NHL)

Like the other sporting events, the player is entitled to a sum of $100,000. This amount enables the player to choose a total of eight NHL players from three different teams. However, please note that there is no specificity for FantasyDraft in terms of positions. Hence, the team entails 2 Center players, 2 Wings, 1 Defenseman, 1 Goalie, and 1 Utility player.

Available Contest Choices for FantasyDraft DFS Betting

Here are some of the available contest choices for FantasyDraft in Illinois:

  • GPP: In full, GPP means Guaranteed Prize Pool. It means that players will pay a certain entry fee to compete for a prize pool share. Interestingly, the GPP provides the largest payouts and prize pools on a DFS site.
  • 50/50: In the 50/50 contest, half of the prize pool doubles the player’s money. Hence, exactly half of the players that enter will get twice their money.
  • Multiplier: A certain percentage of players with the largest scores will get multiple of their buy-ins. There is a very close similarity to the Double-Up contest and the multiplier.
  • H2H: This contest choice is also called Head-to-Head. In simple terms, it is a contest type where there is a one-on-one matchup. In this contest choice, there will be a loser and also one winner.
  • Qualifiers: In Qualifiers, one or more of the top finishers receive a ticket to a different contest. With qualifiers, the player has a good opportunity to win a ticket to a contest for a lower price than the regular entry fee.
  • Current Promotion: For the current promotion, there is a close relationship between this contest type and the bonuses, promotions, or regular player rewards.

FantasyDraft Mobile App


FantasyDraft App for Mobile

Similar to other DFS sites, FantasyDraft has a mobile-responsive platform. Generally, in Daily Fantasy Sports, a mobile app is crucial. It’s easier to play when there is a mobile app. The IL FantasyDraft app makes it more comfortable to enter contests, modify lineups, follow live results, and more. Fortunately, the FantasyDraft Android app is available on Google PlayStore. For Apple users, it’s also available on the Apple Store for download.

Banking Methods for FantasyDraft DFS

Since FantasyDraft is based in the US, it means that it only accepts funds in US dollars. Here are the deposit options for the site:

  • PayPal
  • Discover
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

For withdrawals, here are the available options:

  • PayPal
  • Check

Generally, the transactions are only processed in two to three business days. For checks, the player may need to wait for seven to ten business days.

Customer Support at FantasyDraft DFS

The platform provides help for those with certain questions about general functionality. However, it is advised to go through the FAQ section before you visit FantasyDraft directly in Illinois. Several videos guide players on how to do certain things. If those videos are not self-explanatory, then it may be important to fill a form to contact the customer support team.

FantasyDraft DFS Latest News

Residents of Illinois have a good hold on Daily Fantasy sports with FantasyDraft. Besides, there are several available contests for new and experienced players. In the meantime, FantasyDraft is not legal in all states in the United States of America. However, they intend to cover more states aside from Illinois and other presently legal states in the US.


Overall, FantasyDraft has very attractive offers for players in the state of Illinois. There are several sports challenges for players to enjoy, like Major League Baseball, National Football League, and the National Basketball Association. However, inexperienced users may be advised to stick to the sports that they understand. Playing DFS via FantasyDraft is highly recommended.

Choosing the right sportsbook is a complicated process that requires you to check different platforms before you start playing. Fortunately, we prepared all information in our reviews, so it is highly recommended to read these articles to learn more about other websites in the US (IL) and pick up the best one:


Is FantasyDraft legal in Illinois?

Yes, FantasyDraft is legal in Illinois. However, eligible players should be eighteen years and above to enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports betting in Illinois.

Should I pay fees during registration on FantasyDraft in IL?

Registration on FantasyDraft in IL is free. In the meantime, there haven't been any specific improvements in fees.

Is there an app for FantasyDraft site?

Yes, there is a downloadable app for FantasyDraft. The app can be downloaded via PlayStore and Apple Store.

What is the best strategy to bet on FantasyDraft?

One of the best strategies to bet on FantasyDraft is to draft toward ending the first round. However, ultimately, the best strategy is the one you understand.

Can I win real money on FantasyDraft?

There's a site called FantasyCash that can be used by FantasyDraft players. With this, it's possible to enter real-money contests.

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