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A Guide to the Best Illinois Golf Betting Sites Online

Since the federal ban on sports gambling was removed, betting on Golf has grown in popularity among US gamblers. Being a unique kind of sports, it comes as no surprise that there are many Illinois Golf betting markets available. Fans are taking their love for the sports beyond playing and watching but also placing bets on their favorite golfers. However, gambling on Golf is not limited to the fans alone, some sharp punters interested in making more profits also bet on the sports.

Because of the increasing popularity of betting on Golf online, we have created this guide for Illinois punters. On this page, you will learn how to bet on Golf and also find IL real money betting sites to use. Also, we have described some strategies in golf punters guide for you while gambling on the sport.

Best Il Betting Sites to Wager on Golf

The first-ever legal sports wager in an IL retail sportsbook took place on March 9, 2020. Since then, the state opened up for wagering on sports offline and online.

At the moment, there are only a few IL real money betting sites. However, more companies are seeking operator licenses and are expected to join soon. Nevertheless, the available ones are enough for you to enjoy IL golf betting. To make it easy for you to choose, we have briefly described the features and special offers of IL licensed and regulated golf betting apps and best IL betting sites.


BetRivers was the first sportsbook to launch an Illinois sports betting app. The app went live on June 18, 2020, and has since received wagers on Golf and many other sports. It welcomes punters from Illinois with up to a $250 bonus received on the first deposit.


Known to be one of the most popular DFS and sports gambling sites in the US, Fanduel also has a huge presence in IL. It got into the Illinois gambling market through a partnership with Par-A-Dice Casino in the state. There are available betting markets on the US Open, Ryder Cup, USPGA, and more. It offers a $1,000 risk-free bet for new users to enjoy.


After its success of entering into the New Jersey market, PointsBet made its way into Illinois. In addition to many other sports gambling markets, it also offers betting on Golf. It provides a bonus of $1,000 in risk-free bets for all new users from Illinois. You can choose to bet on the US Open, Ryder Cup, PGA Championship, and many other contests. It also has a sleek mobile app for iOS and Android that makes Golf betting easy with your smartphones.


Through a partnership with Casino Queen in East St. Louis, Draftkings launched an online bookie in the state. New users can get a deposit bonus of up to $1000 to bet on Golf and other sports. You can wager on competitions like the LPGA Tour, European Tour, the Majors, and many others.


William Hill sportsbook rewards you with up to $500 free bet when you sign up on the site. The bookie offers you bets on the RSM Classic and the USPGA.

Types of Bets in Golf Betting

Gambling on Golf is quite different from other sports wagering forms, especially team sports like football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. While betting on Golf, you won’t find anything like points spread and over/under (win totals). For beginners, this might be somewhat tricky. For this reason, we have explained the golf gambling markets available below.

Outright winner

This is wagering on the winner of a particular golf event or tournament. It is the most straightforward and most common type of golf bet.  Notwithstanding, it could be a bit challenging to decide which golfer to wager on. Golf odds on this type of bet are usually higher, and the returns are enormous.

Match betting

In this type of wagers, two players are put against each other. You will have to wager on the one you think will get a better score. The player you choose does not have to win the tournament; they must only beat the other.

Three-ball wagers

Most golf events start in groups of three, so online bookies allow punters to pick which of the three players they think will have the highest score in a particular round. When you place this kind of wager, you do not have to wait until the end of the tournament. You will know the outcome of your decision at the end of the round.

Group betting

This is similar to match betting. But instead of two players, the sportsbook creates a matchup including three or more golfers. Then you wager on which one in the group you believe will come out best.

Prop Bets

These are forms of wagers on things that do not directly affect the result of the tournament. For instance, wagering on how many majors a player will win in a year or if the tournament winner will be under or over 35 years old.


This type of wager is common in all forms of sports gambling. It is picking the player you think will win even before the event starts. When you wager on golf futures market, it may take a long time to know the golf results, but you could get a massive payout if your bet wins.

Live Betting

This is also called in-play Golf betting as it is done in the middle of a round. For instance, if two players are competing in a match, bookmakers offer live betting lines on who will win the current hole. As the game is being played, the sportsbooks adjust the golf bet odds depending on the player who is more likely to win the hole.

Each-way bet

This contains two different wagers; one for the player to win and the other for the player to finish “placed.” For the winning wager, your selection has to win or finish first in the event.

“Placed” finish depends on the bookmaker. It means a predetermined position where your selection must finish. For instance, a sportsbook may offer ¼ win odds for a top 6 finish.

Golf Events to Bet on

Masters Tournament

This event is an invitation-only tournament that takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club. Just like other majors, the event consists of four 18-hole rounds. There is enough past data available for sports fans to use while wagering on the Masters, and this makes it easy.

PGA Championship

This competition, which started over 100 years ago, is the last of the majors on tour for players. Some consider it a weaker tournament, but it still offers enough excitement to attract many punters.

US Open

This competition is considered one of the most challenging golf events and is open to amateurs and professionals who make the cut. It is played at different venues each year and consists of four 18 hole rounds like the Masters. In the event of a tie, a new 18-hole round is held. The US Open attracts many punters as it is one of the most prestigious sports leagues in the world.

Open Championship

This event is the oldest golf tournament in the world. It is also called the British Open as it is held in the UK. However, it is still one of the four majors. The Open is a huge tournament that accepts over 150 players. This makes it more exciting for bettors.

Charles Schwab Challenge

This is another tournament on the PGA tour, which is played yearly in Fort Worth, Texas. The tour is named the Colonial National Invitation Tournament but, for sponsorship reasons, was titled Charles Schwab Challenge in 2019. It is one of the five invitational events on the PGA.

Golf Betting Strategy and Tips

Golf Betting Tips and Strategies

If you want to enjoy any form of legal sports betting in Illinois or any other state, it is necessary to have a strategy. Strategies help to increase your chances of winning. Before you place your next golf bets, read the following tips:

Study players’ form

Before wagering on any player, the first question to ask is what their current form is like. Take time to study their recent finishes in other tournaments and choose only the best players.

Don’t wager on inexperienced golfers

Try to wager only on players who have experience in that tournament. Preferably, wager on previous winners or champions in other competitions.

Study the course

Some players perform better on one course than another. So, before wagering on a player, find out if they do not dislike the course.

Latest News on Illinois Golf Betting

How the PGA Tour was affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Like many other sports, golf events were also affected by COVID-19. The British Open, which was supposed to be held in July 2020, was canceled for the year. Also, the PGA Championship that was meant to begin May 14 in San Francisco was suspended and later held in August. This affected sports gambling markets for Golf during the period.

Last Thoughts on Illinois Golf Betting

If you have read the guide up to this point, you already have all you need to start betting on Golf. The exciting part is that many IL mobile sports betting apps allow you to wager conveniently with your smartphones. So, what are you waiting for? Simply log on to any of the sites and start wagering right now.

Read more about legal optinos for online betting in Illinois:


Is it legal to bet on Golf online in Illinois?

Yes, sports gambling is legal, so you are free to bet on golf.

What IL sites are the best for Golf betting?

There are currently five sites available: Draftkings, Fanduel, BetRivers, WilliamHill, and PointsBet.

How can I check the latest Golf odds?

Visit your preferred sportsbook and go to the golf page.

What is match betting?

It is wagering on one out of two golfers to finish the event with a better score than the other.

How can I deposit money to bet on golf?

The steps to deposit money depends on the sportsbook. Generally, you will have to visit the payment page and use available options like Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and a few others. 

Best Site for Golf Betting in Illinois

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