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A Guide to the Best Illinois NHL Betting Sites Online

Hockey is a sport that is loved by many, especially in Illinois. NHL is a thrilling league, and punters in Illinois seize it as a good opportunity to win some cash. The sport guarantees relatively high payouts. The NHL has been around for long as back as the early 1900s. That is why you have to make good use of the opportunity to bet on the sport. If you don’t bet on NHL already, this review will guide you to have a good start. Perhaps you are already involved in Illinois NHL betting in one way or another; this NHL online review would help you make better decisions. 

Best Websites for NHL Betting in Illinois

No matter how good your wagering skills are in Illinois, it won’t work out if you bet on a bad website. Here we would give you a brief recommendation on the best IL online sports betting sites:

  • FanDuel: FanDuel is a sportsbook that gives one of the best NHL betting in Illinois. It also provides IL mobile sports betting. The site is one that has pleased punters all round. If you want to enjoy smooth wagering, you should give them a try. First-timers would receive up to $1000 on risk-free bet.  
  • William Hill: William Hill is also one of the best real money betting sites in Illinois, both in the casino and sports sector. The company has been existing for so long and for sure, they are here to stay. If you are looking for one that will give you indisputable services, William Hill should be your pick. New sign-ups in Illinois receive up to $300 risk-free bet provided that they use the promo code; LINEUPS300. 
  • Draftkings: Draftkings is another site that every punter should at least have heard of; their customer services are second to none. Draftkings at Illinois is available at Casino Queen Sportsbook, also with an Illinois sports betting app. If you register on the site for the first time, you will get bonuses worth up to $1000. First is up to $500 in risk-free bet; there is also a 20% deposit bonus, which is matched up to $500.

Types of Bets to Wager on NHL

Once you have a site that you can place wagers on NHL online in Illinois, you are ready to start playing. Here are the options you can use in legal sports betting in IL:

  • Puck line: Puck line is an option that is exclusive to the NHL betting. It is equivalent to the point spread in other sports. There is always a favorite team and an underdog team in every match. To win your bet on the favorite team, which is the one with the minus (-), the team has to win by the puck line. To win your wager on the underdog, which is the one with the plus (+), the team either wins the game or loses the match with goals less than the puck line.
  • Total: The total is an easier one to decipher. One thing that makes the total straightforward for punters is that it is independent of the match-winner. What you have to do is bet on the total number of goals in the game. You predict if the number of goals would be higher or lower than a number. 
  • Moneyline: This is probably the easiest of all. Most times, those that are new to wagering prefer the Moneyline option because it is simple. Placing a Moneyline implies picking the team that would win the match. Your bet is counted as a win if the team wins the game as predicted irrespective of the number of goals. 
  • Futures: Futures is more of a long term option. As you may have guessed from the name, it involves wagering on future events in a competition. An example of futures is betting on the winner of the NHL Stanley Cup ahead of the finals. As you would expect, since it is a little difficult to win, the pay is higher.
  • Parlays: Parlays are more the punters that love to jiggle more than one option. The parlay is the combination of more than one option. An example of parlay would be combining the Moneyline and totals betting option on one game.
  • Prop Bets: It has its similarity to the futures. Rather than betting on a team’s performance in the NHL, the prop option allows you to wager on a single player. If you feel that a player would have superb performance, then the prop bet is your best option. An example would be picking a player to have the highest number of interceptions.
  • Teasers: Teasers have huge similarities to the parlays. You can also combine more than one option. The major difference is that you may adjust the totals and puck lines between four and ten in the teasers.

When Is NHL Betting The Biggest

NHL wagering peaks at various events because it is one of the most loved sports in Illinois. It goes for every sport that there is usually a period or event that attracts the highest number of wagering activities. Although the NHL regular season attracts many bettors, the Stanley Cups Playoffs also records some large numbers. The NHL Stanley Cup finals house many fans and punters anticipating that a winner emerges and their wagers come through. The NHL All-Star game also sees high numbers in terms of wagering activities. It would be best if you did not also miss out on these big events; they guarantee high wins for you.

Tips for NHL Betting

Tips for NHL Betting

You may already feel that you have all it takes to register on a site and start placing wagers on the NHL. We don’t dispute that. We would also love to give you some advice that will help you lower your losses and boost your winning chances. Here are some tips: 

  • Don’t bet without a plan: You must have a plan before delving into betting activities. It would be best if you did not wager with money that you need urgently. You should set aside money specially for wagering, set up a plan.
  • You don’t have to bet every day: We would advise that you don’t place wagers every day; you have to be a little selective with your games.
  • Don’t give room for emotions: Emotional betting is one major cause of failure among bettors. You may be tempted to place wagers on your favorite team in every match that they play. It is not that you should not do so, but if the opponent is a stronger team and has higher winning probabilities, you should opt for them.

Latest News on NHL Betting

All sporting activities were suspended worldwide in early 2020 due to the Coronavirus. And the NHL was no exception. However, later in the year, things eased up, and the prestigious NHL is back in action. There are so many events coming up that NHL Fans should put in mind. January 2021 starts with the NHL Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic. Later in January, we will also have the Honda NHL All-Star Weekend, one of the year’s biggest events. Both fans and punters are excited because they know that the competition has a lot to offer in terms of fun and wins.


At this juncture, we will be drawing a curtain to the review. We hope that you were also able to see it from our perspective. The NHL Betting is a great option for punters, especially in Illinois. January would be off to a flying start with both fans and bettors ready for what is coming; stay prepared. Remember to keep our tips in mind while wagering so that you can minimize your losses. At the same time, you would not want to miss out on the upcoming thrills, it has a lot in store for you.

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Is it legal to bet on NHL online in IL?

Yes, it is legal to bet on NHL online in Illinois. Numerous betting sites offer NHL betting in Illinois. Our reviews cover some of the best. 

How to bet on NHL playoffs in Illinois?

To bet on the NHL is not difficult. Once you have a good betting site, you wait till the playoffs are here; your site would allow you to place wagers on the fixtures.

How to bet on the NHL All-star game? 

Once you have an online betting site, there is no need for worries. There is no special way to bet on the NHL All-Star game. Your betting site would provide you with due services.

How old should I be to bet on the NHL in Illinois?

To place bets on NHL in Illinois, you have to be at least 18 years old. Anything below 18 years is underage wagering, which is illegal.

What is the best IL site to bet on NHL? 

To be specific, it isn't easy to single out on esite as the best among all. Some of the best IL NHL betting sites are FanDuel, William Hill, Draftkings.

Best Site for NHL Betting in Illinois

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