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A Guide to the Best Illinois NFL Betting Sites Online

NFL, National Football League, is a sports league greatly loved by Americans, especially those in Illinois. The sport is a very suitable one for gamblers. A season of the National Football League consists of 32 teams. Gamblers, in general, love placing wagers on the sport because it holds high returns for players. Over the years, it has gained popularity in the gambling universe. If you regularly watch football and don’t bet on it, you miss out on a lot. In this review, we will give you a quick start for Illinois NFL betting. This review will further help you on how you can get the best out of it.

Best Illinois Websites for NFL Betting

Making wagers in the NFL is great. However, the first step is picking a site that would suit you. A lot of gamblers in Illinois attribute their failure to cheating and manipulation of odds. You can prevent this from the start by picking a good site that would serve you well. Below, we will briefly describe top NFL betting sites in IL:

William Hill

William Hill is a sportsbook that we suppose should not sound new to any gambler; it also has a sports betting app in IL. The company has been around since 1964. In Illinois, you would get great online NFL betting on William Hill. You can get up to $300 risk-free bets for new sign-ups in Illinois as a welcome bonus. When you register, make use of the promo code; ‘LINEUPS300’.


FanDuel is another of the most popular IL online sportsbooks for NFL bets. With a variety of payment methods; PayPal inclusive, you need not worry about how you will withdraw your profits. For the newbies, you get up to $1000 as risk-free bets. You need no promo code for the offer.


DraftKings is another force to reckon with when talking about betting on the NFL in Illinois. DraftKings Illinois is available at Casino Queen Sportsbook, and it has some of the best services for gamblers. The bonuses add up to $1000 for new punters; up to $500 on a risk-free bet with a 20% deposit bonus matched up to $500. What more could a bettor ask for? 

NFL Betting Sites

Types of Bets to Wager on NFL in Illinois

After getting a good site, it would be best that you know the options that you can use in IL mobile sports betting:

Moneyline Betting

NFL Moneyline betting in Illinois is the simplest to understand and place in the game. With this option, you simply pick the winner of the match. You win the wager if the team you choose wins. It is as simple as that.

Point Spread Betting

It may seem a little confusing at first. When you think a team will perform better than anyone anticipates, you make use of points spread. Usually, you see a plus (+) sign in front of one team, minus (-) in front of another. A number would be in front of each team, indicating how many points you expect the team to win or lose.


Another common name is Over/Under. One thing that makes the totals easy is that it does not deal with picking the game-winner. Rather, you choose whether the total of the two teams’ goals would be over/under a number of your choice. 

Prop Betting

It involves wagering on a particular player performing an action in the game rather than the whole team. For instance, you can place a prop bet in a game that a player would make the most interceptions in the game. 

Futures Betting

From the name, you might have guessed that it involves betting on future events. It involves placing a wager on the winner of an NFL event ahead of time.

Parlay Betting

This allows you to combine two or more betting options. You could combine Moneyline and Totals in one NFL match; that is a parlay.

Live Betting

Another name for this option is In-Play betting; it is getting more popular in IL online sports betting sites. It involves placing wagers on a match that is already in progress. It is a fun, exciting option as the odds are always changing based on the run of play.

When Is NFL Betting The Biggest in Illinois

NFL Betting Online

For every sport, there is always one particular event that sees the highest number of gamblers. Without a doubt, the same goes for the NFL in Illinois. Most of the best NFL betting sites in Illinois attest to the fact that the NFL playoffs has arguably the largest gambling activities. That is usually during the Wild Card Weekend. At this time, there is a surge in the National Football League betting. The event guarantees a high return for gamblers, and IL bettors seize this chance to make some profits alongside the entertainment that they receive.

NFL Betting Odds in Illinois and How to Read Them

The NFL betting odds is not a hard one to read. First of all, if you are using the Moneyline, there would be no need for any complicated odd reading because it only requires that you pick the match-winner. Most gamblers find it difficult to read the Point Spread for NFL games. There is a team with a minus (-) sign for each match while the opponent would have the plus (+) sign. This is to level the playing ground for each team as there is always a favorite and weaker team. The favorite team has the minus (-) sign while the underdog has the plus (+) sign. The number in front of each sign, which is the point spread, should also be your concern. To win your bet on the favorite team, the team has to win by at least the number, which is the point spread. You win your bet on the underdog if the team wins the match, or the team loses by a number smaller than the point spread.

NFL Betting Tips

Online NFL Betting Tips

It would not be enough for you to equip yourself with the knowledge. Here are some tips that you can follow in other to increase your chances of winning when doing legal sports betting in Illinois:

  • For newbies, start by making simple Moneyline bets: If you are new to gambling, start simple. You should not go big with wagers you don’t understand. You should start by simply picking the winning team. It gives a higher winning chance for beginners and also boosts confidence. 
  • Have a Budget: Betting does not guarantee 100% wins. You must know that you would have wins and losses. That is why you should have a plan and a budget. Set aside money for gambling so that you don’t lose it all.
  • Don’t bet with emotions: One of the biggest gambling mistakes is emotional betting. Every NFL bettor has a favorite team; of course, they would also love to place their wagers on the team. However, if you know that your opponent is a stronger team and has a higher probability of winning, don’t let your emotions make your wager on your weaker team.

Latest News on NFL Betting

The NFL is back in action after the long break from the coronavirus pandemic. The gambling universe felt the brief absence due to the pandemic. A lot of things have been going on since the resumption. It was stated that the Saints team could miss out on the draft pick due to the post-game celebrations that breached the coronavirus protocols. Popular center back of Bills, Josh Norman, is reported to have the coronavirus and would be required to stay in action till he is cleared. It is also flying around that Romeo Crennel could land his place in the permanent position of Head Coach of the Houston Texans.


Many Illinois gamblers engage in NFL betting because it is one of the best that you could wager on; everyone loves the sport. So far, the sport is still shaking off a bit since the recent resumption from coronavirus break. Gamblers have been largely placing wagers on the league. The season is turning out to be great and exciting, holding some incredible action for everyone. We advise that you join in on the action and bet on the NFL in Illinois.

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Where in IL can I bet on the NFL?

There are so many online betting sites to wager on the NFL in Illinois. In our review, you will see some of the best IL NFL online sports betting sites. 

What types of bets can I make on NFL games?

There are a variety of bets you can make on the NFL games. You can place the Moneyline, Point Spread, Totals, Prop, Futures, Parlay, Live bet and many more.

What factors should be considered while betting on NFL games? 

First of all, you should have an idea of what the game entails. Before placing any wagers on any game, we recommend that you have researched each team and an idea of how they have been doing in the league.

How old should I be to bet on the NFL in Illinois?

You have to be at least 18 years old to place wagers on NFL in Illinois. Any age below that is regarded as underage gambling which is an illegal act.

What are the most popular games to bet in the NFL?

All NFL games give gamblers excitement with good profits. Some of the most popular games are those involving Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots.

Best Site for NFL Betting in Illinois

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