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A Guide to the Best Illinois Online Horse Betting Sites

The sports betting industry is flourishing in the country as more and more sportsbooks are evolving and providing their diverse wagering services. The United States has an abundance of sports betting opportunities. Almost every sport in the country is available for betting now; all you need is to find the best betting sites to wager. 

Among all the sports that are available for wagering, horse racing is a popular option. There are plenty of US states that are promoting horse racing betting. In this particular article, we are going to talk about Illinois horse betting. 

Illinois is also home to the Breeders Cup, so you can expect the extravagance of horse betting in the state. You can find top Illinois horse betting sites that will offer you legit wagering services. If you are inclined towards horse race betting, this Illinois horse betting online review will certainly help you. 

Best Sportsbooks For Horse Racing Betting

It is always necessary to choose a sportsbook that can offer you elite services. Here are two of the best IL online sportsbooks for horse bets you can trust-:


One of the best Illinois online sports betting sites that have always been the first preference for Illinois residents is TVG. Whether it is the interface or real-time updates regarding tracks and best picks, TVG has always stood up to bettors’ expectations. There are regular promotions on the site that you can enjoy. A $100 deposit bonus is given to all the new players on the site. You can bet on all the popular races through TVG. 


Yet another popular Illinois mobile sports betting platform that has bagged ample trust from the bettors is TwinSpires. All the Churchill Down fans come to this site for betting purposes. TwinSpires also gives a $200 sign up bonus to all the new players that you need to wager within 30days. The site and the mobile application are designed to fit bettors requirements and make things easy for them. The site covers almost all the races occurring in the country. 

Types of Bets Available in Horse Betting

Online Horse Betting

  • Win: It is a straightforward bet where you need to pick the horse that will finish first.
  • Place: A reformed version of a win bet, here you need to predict the horse to finish at the first or second position. 
  • Show: Show bet is to pick a horse to finish first, second, or third. 
  • Exacta: Exacta is a type of vertical wagers where you need to pick horses to finish first and second in the right order.
  • Trifecta: Trifecta is also a type of vertical wagers where you need to pick horses to finish first, second, and third in the right order. 
  • Superfecta: It is also a vertical wager where you need to pick the race’s first four finishers in the correct order. 
  • Pick 5/6: It is a five/six-race equivalent bet where you need to choose the winner of five/six races.
  • Futures: It is exactly like it sounds; you need to bet on an event that is likely or not likely to happen in the future. 

How to Watch Horse Races In Illinois

Watching horse races from the tracks definitely has a different feel. However, there are digital means through which you can enjoy the match. There are plenty of live streaming sites that showcase live matches. is a licensed website in the US where you can watch popular horse races live. 

Types of Horse Race Betting Bonuses

  • Sign Up Bonus: Given to players when they first join the sportsbooks. It is generally a no deposit bonus. However, some sportsbooks might ask you to make deposits. 
  • Cashback Bonus: When you place a bet on a particular race, you will be eligible for a cashback when you make a deposit using the respective code.
  • Risk Free bets: Risk-free bet is a free amount you receive from the sportsbooks. You can either get it on first deposit or avail as a VIP reward program. 
  • Deposit Bonus: As the name suggests, you need to make a deposit using codes to avail this bonus. 

Horse Betting Tips That Will Save Your Day

Online Horse Betting Tips

#1 Do your Homework

You cannot step into the betting industry just like that. It takes practice and experience to emerge victoriously. Even if you are a professional, never bet without proper knowledge. Study the tournament you are going to bet, learn about each horse, and their past information. Seek help from a betting guide to place the best wager. Gather all the information that will help you make the best decision. Hence, it is always recommended to do the homework. 

#2 Invest In Different Bets

Using the same bet over and over again will hardly bring success. There are different types of bets available for horse racing; you need to make optimal use of all. Understand each type of bet and then try to invest in it. Place bet is the common type of wager used in horse racing where you need to bet on the position of the horse. It is a safe bet that you can practice as a beginner. But as you move forward, you need to use all the bets once in your betting system. Make a routine of switching the betting type and record the results of each betting. 

#3 Look For The Odds

Wagering decisions based on the odds are a sure shot way to increase your overall payout. The best thing about odd is that it applies to all bets except pari-mutuel betting, as you have no control over the size of the pool. After choosing the horse, you need to bet on and the next step should be to look out for the odds. You can visit gambling sites and popular sportsbooks to get information regarding odds. 

#4 Go For Multiple Races, But Not Every One

Spreading your risks is the key to avoiding losses. When you bet everything on a single tournament or match, there are high chances that you might come back disappointed. Hence, you need to learn how to distribute the risks. Try to bet on multiple races; lookout for different types of horse races happening in a certain timeline and wager on them. When we say wager on multiple races, that clearly does not mean that you bet each and every race happening in your region. You must be able to filter out the yielding races and then place your bet. 

#5 Manage Your Bankroll

This is probably the important guidance you need while betting on horse races. Make a budget and take control of your cash. Don’t go extravagant on your betting limits and lose all your money. It is true that online horse betting can get tempting, but you must create a disciplined strategy to bet on the races; only then you will be able to make the most out of your money and skills. Make sure you always set aside some amount before you place a bet. You must always have money in your betting account. Never let it go empty. 

Tips for Horse Racing Betting Online

The Bottom Line

Horse betting is wildly popular in the state of Illinois and for all the good reasons. Bettors in the state can wager on the tournaments through IL online sportsbooks for horse bets. To make your wager successful, it is important to choose the right IL sports betting app, pick up the right bet, and use a potent strategy. When betting on horse racing, you need to consider your bankroll as well. You would not want to lose all your winnings in one day. 

As Illinois is a haven for horse racing, there are plenty of tournaments that are exclusively held in the country. Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen Association, Inc. also organizes horse racing, and currently, four matches have been held in the month of November. 

You must keep an eye on the upcoming tournaments where you can place your bets. In this article, we have tried to cover the information regarding Illinois horse betting. From the best sportsbooks to the tips you need to keep handy, this betting guide has everything. 

Now, it’s your cue to make a wise decision and make every penny worth it when you are betting. 

Read more about legal optinos for online betting in Illinois:


Is it legal to bet on horse races online in Illinois?

With legal sports betting in Illinois, you can wager on horse races and earn real money. Just lookout for the Illinois real money betting sites. 

How can I bet on horse racing in Illinois?

First, you need to look for Illinois online sports betting sites that can offer you wagering services. Then choose the best type of bet that has more potential to make you win big. 

Where can I check horse racing odds in Illinois?

Some sites can give you complete information regarding horse racing odds. You can also find this information on reliable sportsbooks as well. 

Are there options to bet on virtual horse racing in Illinois?

You can take part in live betting, but there is no provision for virtual horse racing betting in Illinois as of now. Bettors have to wait a little longer to avail that service in the state. 

Best Site for Horse Betting in Illinois

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